Our Mission


We are pursuing our dream to implement all our innovative ideas as much as possible. We will be sharing our ideas publicly when ever we find a need of massive support from people like you.


We are considering our ideas as a gift from The Almighty. Innovation is the most important factor we are giving the top most priority when we select our ideas for implementation.


Finding solutions to some problems are demanding some kind of inventions. We are always eagerly waiting for our that “Eureka” moment! In this regard, we are ready to extend our mission outside information technologies.

Recent Works

Latest Updates

We are confused! Need your opinion to proceed…

We are little bit confused over two possible names for our upcoming automotive classifieds website. So, I decided to conduct a poll. Please cast your vote to help us picking the right one. You can immediately see the results after voting. Please consider few things like, ease of typing, easiness in remembering, more appealing, less confusing

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Launching Our New Online Game Arcade Website – www.PalsGames.com

During the testing phase of “Wavy Pets” game, some of you may have already noticed that there is a logo with a domain “PalsGames.com” in the trailer videos, and some of you have already inquired about it. Today We are going to reveal our next online venture here: www.PalsGames.com As the name indicates, its a website

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Our First Android Game “Wavy Pets” Is Now Available In Google Play Store – Through Invitation

“Wavy Pets – Turtoo” Our Fist Game:We are so exited now. This is the first time we publish a game on Google Play store. It is in the testing mode and we would like to invite all of you for the initial preview. Please join the following community to get updates about the launch. Join

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Indian Train Seat Locator

Find seat position and berth type from the Coach and Seat Number available on Indian Railway Ticket. This application helps Indian Railway passengers to find seat position and berth type from the Coach and Seat Number available on Indian Railway Ticket. The application is available in Chrome Web Store. It works offline. The Android version

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